Bass Reeves : Lawman

Hey yall!

Just wanted to talk a lil bit about my experience on set of Lawman. For those of you who follow me on Snapchat, have seen some of the funny things that have happened while one set. How about the movie is a WESTERN!!! I was instantly excited because all I could think about was the movie POSSE, which I used to watch all the time when I was younger. So in my mind, I'm working on a BLACK western and we haven't seen one of those in YEARS! Obviously the movie is shot in the middle of nowhere. However this particular location happened to be the SAME location where TOMBSTONE was filmed. How dope is that?!?

Now, I didn't anticipate being around creatures. Yes, I knew of the horses, like what's a western without horses. BUT I'm talking about cows, snakes, lizards, all sorts of creepy things in the desert. None the less, it is their environment, I just wasn't prepared. I asked Jesus to keep all his creatures at bay each morning, however one lizard did come inside of the shack where wardrobe and I were set up. He left on his on accord, thank God! One of the challeneges that surprised me was that I needed to do a bald cap for the stuntman and to also match his skintone with the complexion of the lead character. Soooo doing and maintaining a bald cap in 103 degree heat in the middle of no where, while doing stunts was a CHALLENGE! The bald cap even tore in the back, which happened to be the most important part considering that we were filming the stuntman from the back of him riding off on a horse. JUST MY LUCK! I said a prayer and fixed the bald cap just in time for his scene and it WORKED! Prayer is an awesome tool to have!

The weather was a beast! Between the heat and the wind, I don't know which was worst. How about trying to sit in video village on a hill on an incline, lol. There were many of times that I almost fell in my chair, but hey! We're creating memories here. I absolutely loved this crew, talent, and everyone else who was involved in the making of this film. It's one surely I will never forget. Be sure to check out the photos below.

Beat, Slay, & Love


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