Aveda Institute - Los Angeles

Just two days ago (July 7th) I had the awesome oppoutunity for the SECOND time to speak with the students of Aveda Institute - Los Angeles about my experience as a freelance hair & makeup artist. It was amazing considering that just a year ago, I literally was in the same class room as them listening to presenters about their passion for the beauty industry. I can remember opening the email asking me if I was interested in speaking at one of their assemblies about freelancing. I'm thinking "ME?!?!", "REALLY?!?!" !! Lol., I was very appreciative and even humbled that they thought that highly of me to want me to come back and speak with the students. I thought maybe it was way too soon. Ya know, like I haven't done that many things, I have more work to do before I can give advice or even speak about my experience, but I quickly remembered that while I was in school, there was no one that came to speak about freelancing or set work. No one gave me a guide or advice as to HOW to get work. Nothing about what to do, what to say, to intern and assist, even how to assist someone who is currently in the industry. SO, that was my confirmation that I needed to go back and tell those (who would listen) about my experience and whatever advice I could give on freelancing/set work.

So I gave them pure & raw, honest truth. NO sugar coating. Freelancing can be hard and tiresome most days but boy do I love it! It's always something new and different with each set, whether it's the location, the crew, the characters, the friendships that evolve from set, and most of all the creative process in bringing to life the characters through hair and makeup. It does help that I maintain a clientele outside of set work. I long for the days that I can work on set every day, til then I juggle between my clientele and set work. I enlightened the students on the do's & don'ts of assisting/interning for someone, as well as looking at themselves as a brand and building their brand. Now, I'm no expert and it's still trial and error for me, but I gave them all that I had at the moment.

Although nervous, it was amazing! Thank GOD for group projects/presentations at University of Phoenix that forced me to learn how to talk in front of a group of people and command attention. To engage the audience and to make them feel like we are on the same playing field. Really, we are! I was just in school for cosmetology a year ago. If I can do it, surely they can as well. I was very surprised at the amount of interest and questions that followed my presentation. It felt good to give back to my alma mater and considering that I want to forever be apart of the Aveda network, who knows what's in store me for after this! One thing for sure, people are watching and it has taught me to celebrate every step that I take into my destiny.

Beat, Slay, & Love


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