Refresh .......45+

This treatment gives your current style a pick me up. Includes blow out and thermal styling, no washing. Recommended for those who have  "gym hair" and are going on a date, interview or somewhere special. 


Tightening of closures and installs. Repair of glued lacefronts and magic part refills.  This can be purchased a la carte or added to a package. Recommended for those who need installs repaired only and not fully restored. 


Complete overhaul of an install. This includes removing current install, washing, conditioning, steam treatment, trim and a new installation. 

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Under Care.........50+

Specialized treatment service to care for your hair underneath a full install. Often times your hair is neglected until the install is removed. The products used are customized to your hair type and hair health condition. 


Standing appointments for regulars. This is a bi-weekly appointment that includes washing, conditioning and styling for those who maintain the same look all the time. Recommended for press n curls, extensions, and nauralistas. 


Great way to maintain healthy hair. This service includes a hydrating wash, condition, steam treatment, trim and style. 

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